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What About the Other Corlesses ?


Joe Corless - My dad
Cathy Corless - Mom
Patrick Corless - Brother
Regina [Corless] Rettino - Sister
Cristin [Corless] Krachon- Sister
Ed Corless - first cousin
Ed & Betty Corless - aunt and uncle
Michael Corless - second cousin in ireland
Greg Corless - second cousin, lives in Dallas

NON-RELATIVES - these are some people who have contacted me over time through the corless.com website.

James Corless - lives in San Fran, grew up in Northern England. Ancestors from the Isle of Mann
Jerry Corless - Is researching the corless family tree.
Barry Corless - Teacher currently in Germany
Joseph Corless - Professor at Duke Departments of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Ophthalmology
Robert Corless - Professor of Applied Mathematics at University of Western Ontario
Martin Corless - Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University. From Ireland
Jeffrey Corless - lives in California. Business major at Loyola Marymount. Member, Board of Directors, CA Republican Party.
Chris Corless - lives in Manchester, England
Matthew Corless - don't know where he is, but father is from England
Michael Corless - Alberquerque, NM -- part of the Michigan Corlesses, it seems
Stephen Corless - In Wigan, England, big rugby and football fan. Has traced the English Corless's back 200 years. Runs the corless.biz web site.
Jane Corless - in Australia, ancestors from England
Greg Corless - Australia, corrected my spelling of "Autralia"
Dan Corless - student at Northeastern, in Boston, MA. Grandfather was James from Brooklyn, NY
Tim Corless - lives in Tustin, CA. Part of the Michigan Corless branch.
Matthew Corless - lives in Blackpool, England. Son of Bob and Anne, brother of Samantha and Richard
Craig Corless - lost his info, oops
Joyce and Larry Corless - live in Minneapolis, originally from Buffalo, relatives in Arizona
Dan Corless - i assume to part of the michigan corli (because he works for Visteon).
Kelly Corless - deceased, lived in Utah, liked the insane clown posse

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