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Hot News

7/29/01 - 10:41am brought the arrival of Kelly Marie Corless. Look here.
11/2/00 - Added the pilot for my weblog.
9/16/00 - Added the webcam page -- see a view of our kitchen. Updated regularly by motion sensor. Password protected -- email me if you want
9/9/00 - Joey writes his name for the first time with chalk on a brick
6/4/00 - A new section -- old scanned pictures of the corless family when they were younger.
5/7/00 - A picture of the extended Corless family.
4/1/00 - The less [lame] launch of
7/2/99 - Added some pictures of our new house in Park Ridge
5/9/99 - Added an ecommerce page pointing to good places to buy stuff on the web.
4/18/99 - Tommy got his portrait pictures at Sears this morning
2/22/99 - Joey's second birthday. You can see pictures here.
1/7/99 - On Thursday afternoon, January 7, 1999, at 1:10pm Eastern time, Thomas William Corless was brought into this world to happy parents Kim and Ken, and happy brother Joey.  For details, look at the Tommy Home Page. and the family picture page

The family picture page has new pictures as of 11/11/01

Hello world!
My Background
I was born in Pomona, NY - a suburb about 30 miles NW of The City (that's NY, for you non-natives). I graduated from MIT  in Cambridge, MA, where I graduated with two B.S. degrees in 1987.  I went to work for Accenture (formerly known as Andersen Consulting) in New York immediately upon graduation.  In 1988, I was assigned to a project in Chicago; I then transferred there in 1991.  In 1992, I met the love of my life, Kimberlee, and we were married in 1995.  In 1997, Joseph Patrick, the inspiration for this web site, was born. His lovely brother, Thomas William, joined us in early 1999. We moved down to Orlando, FL for another Andersen assignment in January 1997.  We moved back to Chicago  (actually Park Ridge, IL) in August 1999.  And most recently, we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Kelly Marie. Here are some pictures of the Park Ridge House.  Here is original house in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.  Here's some pictures of the house  in Orlando.
My Interests
I'm a pretty major sports fan.  My current Sports Illustrated subscription expires in May 2012 (although SI has a year 2000 problem that makes them print the label off by 6 years).  I played football at MIT (yes, they have a football team) and still hold the school record for longest TD reception (86 yards).  I once turned down an assignment in Australia because they didn't get ESPN .  I also collect classic arcade video games (point your news reader to RGVAC and RGVAM). I own a Stargate, Joust, Star Wars, Robotron, Donkey Kong, Crystal Castles, Asteroids and Battlezone (Finally, here is the video game page click here ).  And of course, my boys, Joey and Tommy, are the light of my life.
NFFL Fantasy Football
Are you ready for some football? Look here for NFFL.COM the fantasy football leagues I run. Sorry, private for fun league only.
Wheels and Deals

Bargains around the net that I personally use - free phone calls, using regular telephones, no catch!
Paypal - Use a credit card to pay off friends -- no fees. - online hardware store powered by Ace Hardware - These guys have consistently the best prices on nearly all computer equipment, books, cds, etc..
NetMarket - Great prices on all sorts of merchandise
MCI Long Distance - The current deal is 9 cents all the time, except 5 cent Sundays, plus you get frequent flyer miles.
888-Camcorder - Great prices on all camcorders
Telocity - my new DSL provider
Intertops - If I were the type to bet money on sports, these are the reputable guys I would use
eBay - My  favorite auction place from before they had a market cap.
DealDeal - Not as big as eBay, but a different kind of auction place
Books from - The first and best bookstore on the web
FedEx Airbill Tracking - Track your FedEx package from here
PAIR.COM - these guys host my web site.  Best deal for virtual


Good Eating

This will be a list of great food places:

Perry's Deli - The best sandwich in Chicago. Now with his own web site!
Chicago's Finest Steakhouses - a survey done by a discriminating dinner club

New Favorite Sites

Website Garage - Check out your website links, design and performance
The Trip - Flight information. Check out their realtime pictures of your plane flying over the U.S.
CBS Sportsline - Realtime fantasy football information

All Time Favorite Sites
Here's some links that I enjoy::

ESPNET - what else is there to say?
You Don't Know Jack - the best PC trivia game ever, now live on the web
The Best Fantasy Football Software - My new favorite
Steamboat Ski Conditions - latest ski conditions from Steamboat Springs, CO
The Straight Dope - if you don't appreciate Cecil, you're no friend of mine. 
Six Degrees - If everyone registered, this would be way cool.
The rest of my bookmark file - My ever-growing Netscape bookmark file.

Links to People I Know

Here's some links to friends and acquaintances.  I accept no responsibility for what they do or their strange tastes:

Tom Parisi - well, better late than never. Small, but better than a lot of lame ones below.
Miker  - you gotta know him to appreciate him or his pages - very outdated now
Jeremy Schuster - a high school buddy still up to no good (appearances can be deceiving)
Aaron Renn - an ex-Andersen guy who doesn't hide his occasional geek-like qualities.
Troy Taylor - another old high school friend.
Steve (and Maria) Rietberg - they have been asking for a link for a while.
Todd Frech - Trust me, his nephews are cuter than he is
Chris Miller - this might be the lamest page I've ever seen
Dan Woicke - Meet Dan and his family. Better page than most of these
Chris Crawford - Wrote the Grafaid utility for the palm pilot. You can get it on his page
Rich Palumbo - While not as lame as, it may be the ugliest home page of seen
Eric Laxman - a high school buddy who is an artiste - not much of a page, but he has his own domain
Kris Burkhardt - Finally, a coworker with a decent site and his own domain name

Other Corless's (Corli?) on the Net

Some are known relatives, some are not, some could be. If you want me to remove your address, just let me know.

Joe Corless - My dad
Cathy Corless - Mom
Patrick Corless - Brother
Regina [Corless] Rettino - Sister
Cristin Corless - Sister
Ed Corless - first cousin
Ed & Betty Corless - aunt and uncle
Michael Corless - second cousin in ireland
Greg Corless - second cousin, lives in Dallas
Kelly Corless - 17 yrs old, lives in Utah, likes the insane clown posse
James Corless - lives in San Fran, grew up in Northern England. Ancestors from the Isle of Mann
Jerry Corless - Is researching the corless family tree.
Barry Corless - Teacher currently in Germany
Joseph Corless - Professor at Duke Departments of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Ophthalmology
Robert Corless - Professor of Applied Mathematics at University of Western Ontario
Martin Corless - Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University. From Ireland
Jeffrey Corless - lives in California.
Chris Corless - lives in Manchester, England
Matthew Corless - don't know where he is, but father is from England
Michael Corless - Alberquerque, NM -- part of the Michigan Corlesses, it seems
Stephen Corless - In Wigan, England, big rugby and football fan. Has traced the English Corless's back 200 years.
Jane Corless - in Australia, ancestors from England
Greg Corless - Australia, corrected my spelling of "Autralia"
Dan Corless - student at Northeastern, in Boston, MA. Grandfather was James from Brooklyn, NY
Tim Corless - lives in Tustin, CA. Part of the Michigan Corless branch.
Joyce and Larry Corless - live in Minneapolis, originally from Buffalo, relatives in Arizona
Dan Corless - i assume to part of the michigan corli (because he works for Visteon).

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Lastly, if you have a complaint, send it to Jimmy 
Also you can look at this site's change log.

Previous Milestones

11/15/98 - Added a page with Emma's Birthday Party Pictures.
10/27/98 - Joey's Sears Portraits
7/3/98 - Added book recommendations.
5/2/98 - Joey's "I can walk" video page
7/18/98 - Joey's first piece of artwork
7/5/98 - Joey's certificate from his exercise class.
4/25/98 - If you haven't been here in a while, I've added a change log so you can find out what has been added/changed recently
2/28/98 - Check out the Dancing Joey Page.
2/22/98 - Joey's first birthday.  Can you believe it's been a whole year? Pictures are here.
1/24/98 - Check to see if Ken is logged on the Internet
8/26/97 - Meet Joey's cousin Emma
8/9/97 - Meet Joey's cousin Nicholas
7/3/97 - Send Ken a page
2/22/97 -  On Saturday evening, February 22, at 10:34pm Eastern time, Joseph Patrick Corless was brought into this world to happy parents Kim and Ken. For details, look at Joey's Home Page.